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New Program allows you have this tenant voluntarily vacate so you can raise the rent.

How much can a landlord deduct when a tenant vacates? Click above for a description on the law on this subject

What are the legal requirements for serving a notice on your tenants? Click above for a description on the law on this subject.

How to avoid jury trials in a tenant eviction action! Click above for ways to protect yourself.

Click above to determine if your unit is subject to rent control.

Click above to read answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Click above to know when the notice expires.

Click above for the proceedure to properly serve your tenants with a notice.

Click above to understand the rules in computing manager's salary.

Click above for information about your trial.

Click above for grounds for evictions for eviction in Los Angeles

Click above for a flow chart on the eviction process

Click above for the interest required to be paid on security deposits for the the City of Los Angeles

General rules on leasing your property. Your rights and obligationis

How to handle a comfort pet. Your rights and obligations.

Does your building need earthquake retrofitting? Check here.

The law requires you have an inspection of the unit before the tenant vacates.

How to read a credit report. Reccommended that applicants have at least a 650 score.

All Landlords mus know their rights and obligations if their property is subject to the Los Angeles Rent Stabilization Ordinance. Here is your guide.

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