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Don't Let That Unpaid Judgment Just Sit 

We Can Collect.... And Here Is What We Do:

1. We employ the best sources for obtaining information on your tenant's employment and bank account information. We continue to check these sources every 6 MONTHS. In many cases your non-working tenant will get a job or open a bank account and we will be there to either garnish their wages or attach the bank account.


2. We can file an abstract of judgment in the county recorder's office where the judgment was obtained. The filing of an abstract is the process for formally recording the judgment. This will impair your tenant's credit for at least 10  YEARS.  It will also prevent your tenant from buying or selling real property, financing a vehicle, or possibly obtaining a credit card without first paying off your judgment.


3. We continually send letters to your tenant informing them that this process will not end until the debt is paid. You would be surprised how effective our letters can be.


4. In some cases we offer to buy your judgment outright! Call for Details.

                 There are no upfront costs! 

                                                                 We only get paid if we collect. 


To Start, Just Call Our Office! No Office Visit Is Necessary!-- 323 938-2868

Or Fax Your Judgment With The Following Forms. Please Fill Out The Defendant’s Information Sheet And Sign The Collection Agreement.   Click To Download Collection Forms   (CALIFORNIA JUDGMENTS ONLY)

Fax Number 323 938-6069

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