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Grounds for Eviction in the City of Los Angeles

A landlord may bring an action to recover possession of a rental unit only upon one of the following grounds:



1. The tenant has failed to pay rent


2. The tenant has violated the lease


3. The tenant is damaging property or creating a public nuisance to other residents


4. The tenant is using the rental unit to carry out illegal purposes


5. The tenant refuses a written request by landlord to execute a lease renewal for a further term of like duration with similar provisions


6. The tenant has refused landlord reasonable access to the unit for the purpose of making repairs or improvements, or for inspection,     or to show the unit to prospective purchaser.


7. The person in possession of the unit at the end of the lease Is a subtenant who is not approved by the landlord




8. The landlord seeks in good faith to recover the rental unit for Owner Occupancy, or a residential Manager


9. The landlord seeks to recover possession of the unit to undertake primary renovation work and the tenant has failed to relocate


10. The landlord seeks to regain procession of the rental unit to demolish or remove the unit permanently from rental use


11. The landlord is forced by government order to vacate the building as a result of the Los Angeles Municipal Code



If you are evicting for reasons 8 through 11, you must pay relocation to the tenant ranging from $7500 to $19500. There are many rules that need to be followed for evicting for one of those reasons. Please contact our office for furhter information.

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