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How To Prepare a 3 Day Notice To Pay Rent Or Quit

Pursuant to the Code of Civil Proceedure Section 1161, a notice shall be prepared as follows:


1. Each tenant who signed the rental agreement and/or pays the rent must be included in the notice.


2. You must state the exact amount of rent that is then due. (Do not include any late chages, just the

rent only.)


3. Be sure to include the property address and date the notice.


4. Under the new law, the notice must contain the person to pay, that person's phone number, the address where payment should be made and hours when payment can be received.


 For The New Form - Notice To Pay Rent or Quit.-- 3 Day Notice



 To See Instructional Video on How to Prepare a Notice To Pay Rent or Quit  Instructional Video-How to Prepare a Notice

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