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NOVEMBER 19, 2015-Topics Discussed: 1: Tenants Changing Locks  2: Tenants Requests For Security Door 3: Disabled Tenants 4. Comfort Pets 5. Accepting Partial Payments 6. Illegal Units  7. Violating No Pet Policy  8. Video Cameras  9. Smoking Marijuana  10. Unauthorized Occupants 


NOVEMBER 4, 2015-Topics Discussed: 1: Qualifications to Reject an Applicant (Appearance, Professionals, etc)

 2: Tenants Subleasing Through Airbnb

 3: Changing the Terms of a Tenancy

 4: Serving by Email or Text Messaging

 5: Tenant Demands Credit Report

 6: Retrofitting Building in LA for Earthquake Protection


OCTOBER 30, 2015-Topics Discussed: 1: Permant Removal of Units (The Ellis Act)  2: Forcing Owners to Have Affordable Housing Units 3: Deed Restrictions 4: Children Creating Disturbances  5: Nuisance Evictions


OCTOBER 14, 2015-Topics Discussed: 1:Tenant Deduction From Rent 2: Whose Responsible for a Flood 3: Unauthorized Alterations 4: Laundry Lease Contracts 4: Responsibilty for Cleaning Carpets, Replacing Light Bulbs & Smoke Detectors

OCTOBER 9, 2015-Topics Discussed: 1. Religious Freedom vs Property Rights 2. Tenant's Right to Display Signs  3. Comfort and Service Pets 4. Airbnb


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