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Your Upcoming Trial

At this point, your case is contested and a trial date has been requested. The far majority of trials, in unlawful detainer cases, are very standard and the matter will generally be resolved on that same day.

There are a small percentage of cases where the issues are very complex or clients have personal concerns about attending a trial. If you believe your case warrants more personalized attention, our firm will allow you to set up a pre-trial meeting with an attorney who will be assigned to your case. This meeting can be at our office or can be a telephone consultation.


Our fee for this pre-trial consultation is $450, up to 1 hour.  You will also be given a phone number where you can text your attorney, if you have any follow up questions. If you are interested in setting up a consultation, please call our office or use the online form below.

Please note: Every effort will be made to have this attorney conduct your trial, though in some cases an equally prepared attorney will have to be substituted.

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