Lawsuit Update

Preserving Our Property Rights

This page intends to give a schedule of events, notice of rulings and copies of legal pleadings. Your contribution is sincerely appreciated. 

Schedule of Events-(To Date)

1. Assembly of the Team

2. Planning Strategy


3. Legal Research


4. Specific Client's Case Selected

5. Motion Prepared  (Copy of Motion) <---

6. Initial exparte Hearing Date May 21, 2020

7. Our exparte Motion, as expected, was denied by the trial court judge. Clearly a trial court judge was not going to overturn the Emergency Rules of the Judicial Council. We will now be filing a Writ of Mandate which will be heard by the Appellate Department of the Superior Court. I expect that this will be filed the week commencing May 25th


8. Copy of Court Transcript (May 21, 2020)

    Transcript <---

9. Writ of Mandate Prepared (June 2, 2020)

     Copy of Motion <--- 

I expect that we will receive a ruling on our Writ of Mandate within the next 2 weeks.

10. Appellate Department denies our Writ of Mandate. (June 24, 2020). Their decision is clearly wrong. They state that the law created by the Judicial Council, is really pursuant to the Governor's order. This ignores everything in our brief. We will immediately filing our motion with the Court of Appeals. Stay tuned.   

                Copy of Ruling  <---

11. Motion filed with the California Supreme Court. Stay tuned for the ruling from our court of last resort. 

               Copy of Motion 

(Be advised that we are also filing on a different case to give us a different path in which to  accomplish the same goal.)


The battles continues!