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Initiate a Small Claims Court Action

November 1, 2021 marks the day that landlords and income property owners will finally be able to seek to recover their lost rent. 

Our firm is now assisting in filing, serving, and obtaining a hearing date in Small Claims Court. Landlords have been confronted with thousands of dollars in lost rent, due to the Tenant Relief Act. This statute prevented landlords from filing a standard eviction case for over 19 months. Rents owed between March 1, 2020 through September 30, 2021 cannot be the subject of an eviction. You are required to file a civil lawsuit which can be efficiently filed in Small Claims Court.

The jurisdictional limit of Small Claims Court has been raised from $10,000 to an UNLIMITED amount, to accommodate landlords who have suffered staggering loses. There is no reason to allow your tenant to escape owing this debt. Judgments are valid for 10 years and will effect the credit of your tenant. Once a judgment is obtained, our firm can assist in the collection of the judgment.

Please note that the statute requires that you first attempt to seek your lost rent through the California Rent Relief Program. Prior to initiating a small claims action, you need to file an application at the website:

If your application is denied, or if your tenant refuses to participate, we can proceed with the filing of the small claims action. 

Recover Your Rent-Our Firm Will Assist You

Our Small Claims Assistance Will Include:

1.  Complete Case Management & Analysis (Start to Finish)
2.  An Initial Demand Letter Will Be Sent to Your Tenant
3.  Skip Tracing to Locate Your Tenant for the Service of the Lawsuit
4.  Filing Your Small Claims Action
5.  Obtaining a Trial Date
6.  Serving Your Tenant
7.  Instructions Regarding Your Day In Court, Including the Documents Required
8.  If Questions Arise, You Will Be Able to Consult With an Attorney.
9.  Collection Services are Available Once the Judgment is Obtained. 
10. All fees, including filing fee, service fee and skip tracing fees are included.

If You Would Like To Initiate This Action Please Complete the Intake Form Below.
The Cost Including Court Filing and Service Fees is $1250

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