Landlords Are Under Attack

Judicial Council Exceeds Their Legal Authority By Delaying All Eviction Actions For 90 Days After The State of Emergency Is Declared Over

Lets Bring The Fight To Them!

On April 6, 2020, the California Judicial Council exceeded their legal authority by preventing income property owners from exercising their basic property rights. Landlords are prevented from evicting tenants, regardless of the reason, and in direct violation of the California Code of Civil Procedure. Their actions will allow tenants to live rent free for up to one year. Landlords are powerless to enforce their contract rights.

For over four decades, Attorney Dennis P. Block has dedicated his practice to defending the rights of income property owners. Our industry finds itself under attack by our elected and appointed officials. These parties care little about the rule of law and our sacred property rights. Our property rights are guaranteed by the Constitution.
Based on the urging of many of my clients, this firm with the assistance of other law firms, will be filing suit to reverse this Emergency Rule and to allow landlords to proceed with evictions. No other industry is forced to supply goods and services without compensation. 

Unfortunately, lawsuits are expensive. I am now asking for your support to help finance this lawsuit on behalf of landlords, and to stop the pillage of our industry.  Any amount will be appreciated and will help in the fight that we must win. For a status on our suit, feel free to click the link below.

Dennis Block