Lockout Management Service




Meeting The Sheriff & Taking Legal Possession

Dear Client:

At the conclusion of your case, you will receive your appointment date and time to meet the Sheriff. The Sheriff will be removing the occupants from your property. You will need to to arrive prior to the appointed time and be standing in front of the building. It will be required that you have a person capable of opening up the door and changing the locks. If there is any access code to enter the property, please contact our office immediately.

$200.00 Eyewitness-Lockout Service

At the request of many of my clients, I have made an arrangement with the EYE WITNESS MANAGEMENT COMPANY  to appear at your lockout. You are free to also attend, or they will act as your agent. Their services include the following items:

1) Wait up to one hour for the Sheriff to arrive.

2) Meet and let the Sheriff in with or without Keys.

3) Sign for your property, as your agent with the Sheriff.

4) Re-key or master-key any two of your existing locks. (Additional re-keying available at reduced rates)

5) Deal with the occupants being removed so that you do not have to.

6) ACT AS AN INDEPENDENT WITNESS to all unusual wear, tear and HELP    YOU ITEMIZE, IN WRITING, all such damage to help assure your recovery for this via security deposit, or a separate case or claim.

7) HELP you determine if the abandoned personal property left behind at the time of the eviction is TRASH, or if the combined value of the personal property is UNDER or OVER $700. (If over $700 an inventory is REQUIRED BY LAW in order for you to legally dispose of your tenants' abandoned property thru a Public Auction)

8) ASSIST YOU WITH your Security Deposit Accounting Form(s). Late accounting could result in you owing said tenant(s) TRIPLE THAT DEPOSIT. 

9) GUIDE you through this entire eviction process


If you are interested in applying for this service, please click on one of the payment methods below. If your tenant vacates, prior to the appointed lockout date, you will be given a full refund. (One business day notice is required.)

              If less then 2 full business day from the lockout date , then please call the office. 




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