Tenants Who Fail To Pay Rent

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Income property owners are going to be facing some very tough decisions in the upcoming months. Many tenants will have lost their jobs and truly have an inability to pay the rent. Others, will attempt to seize upon the moment to just avoid paying their rent.

In either event, landlords need to take steps to legally protect themselves. I have drafted a generic letter that can be sent to all of your non paying tenants. It will first establish if your tenants are in compliance with the law and are legally allowed to defer their rent payments. It will require them to submit extensive documentation to the landlord.

Assuming that your tenant qualifies in delaying their rent payment, I have drafted a contract which establishes what amounts of rent can be deferred and when these rent payments will become due.

These documents are designed to educate your tenants that this is not just a "free rent" period. It will establish that even if rent can be deferred, payment is ultimately required. I am assuming that in many cases the tenants will consider it easier to just pay the rent in a timely fashion.       

Our fee for both documents will be $600. Once again, these documents are generic and can be used for all your tenants. The contract is in the form of a fillable PDF and can be completed on your computer.