Covid-19 Letter Preparation

Under most jurisdictions a tenant's inability to pay rent, which is directly related to the pandemic, allows your tenant to defer rent payments. Tenants can defer rent payments from 3 months to 1 year, depending on the jurisdiction. Based on this situation, landlords are prevented from filing an unlawful detainer at this time.


Many tenants believe that their rent is being waived and that there will not be any obligation to pay. Of course, this is not the case. Once the deferment period expires, the rent will be owed and the tenant would be subjected to an unlawful detainer action.


My firm has been issuing letters to tenants, which has resulted in tenants paying their rent. Once tenants realize that the rent will ultimately be owed, and they will be facing eviction, their position seems to change. At a minimum, a dialog will begin between you and your tenant. A payment plan can be negotiated or a landlord can negotiate for a substantial payment in exchange for a partial rent waiver.


If you would like our firm to assist you with this letter, please click the link below. This letter will be sent by Federal Express to add to the importance of this communication. Our fee for preparation of this letter is $275 plus $20 for the Federal Express. Fees for additional letters will be reduced to $125 plus the Federal Express charge.   



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