If Your Tenant Withholds Rent

As landlords, we are facing one of the most challenging times of our industry. Prior to this pandemic, the climate for landlords was tantamount to a war, with the spread of Statewide Rent Control. In addition, we have experienced individual communities creating their own versions of rent control. Adding to this atmosphere are insane legal protections for tenants and enhanced building codes and inspection requirements. Our industry was clearly under siege and now we are facing an even greater challenge, where our politicians are sanctioning rent deferment. 



Many municipalities have sanctioned rent deferment, if a tenant is unable to pay rent, as a direct result of the epidemic. Most jurisdictions have allowed a 6 month moratorium where rent can be deferred. As could be expected, the City of Los Angeles is leading the way by allowing tenants 1 year to repay their deferred rent. Clearly this will result in lost rent for most landlords.

If your tenants withhold rent, you should attempt to establish the reason behind this failure to pay the rent.